Imperatori Family Martial Arts of Atlanta

Women’s Self Defense Class Wednesdays at Noon


We offer Gracie Jiu-jitsu based Self Defense for women, by women.  This class contains the most practical self defense moves for women, taken from Gracie Jiu Jitsu into a course for you.”

Each week we will show you how to survive and escape real-world situations through proven safety and survival strategies. These vital lessons show how women of all sizes, ages, and fitness levels can survive and escape dangerous situations, giving YOU the edge over someone who means you harm.

Based on Gracie Jiu-jitsu, our techniques emphasize leverage and body mechanics over size and strength. You will be empowered as your awareness and physical tools increase.  In addition, you will lose weight and get into great shape.

Classes are on Wednesdays, noon until 1 pm.  But, once you get hooked, and you will, you can always expand into our regular Gracie Jiu-jitsu program, with lots of class choices and a lot of like minded women.
Not sure?… try a class for free and make up your own mind.  Can’t make a class? No worries. We regularly review material to keep you sharp.  No previous experience is needed and athletic clothes encouraged, but not required.
Questions? email .  To enroll or schedule a FREE class, contact TL at 404-252-8200 or email us.  Already in the GJJ program?…this class is included in your regular tuition.   Even if you are “out of shape” it’s never the wrong time to prepare to expect the unexpected.
Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance  your street smarts, get in shape and build your confidence!

Labor Day Weekend 2018

On Labor Day Weekend 2018, the Schedule will be as follows:

Saturday Sept 1:

Karate – Open for all classes

GJJ – No Classes

Monday Sept 3rd:

The studio will be closed for all classes.

Tuesday, September 4th:

Imperatori Martial Arts will re-open for regular classes on.

Have a safe and fun Labor Day!

New MMA Striking Class Thursdays – GJJ Wednesday Noon Class dropped for Summer

Learn MMA technicals in a fun, safe, high energy environment.  Every Thursday 5:55-630 featuring drills covering: footwork, various types of striking (ie, elbows, Muay Thai leg kicks, etc.), defending against any kind of attack including take-downs.  FREE to ALL Imperatori adult/teen students enrolled in either karate or jiu-jitsu.  Boxing or MMA gloves required, shorts or gi pants good, mouthpieces strongly recommended.  Want to learn?…just show up.

We are dropping the GJJ Wednesday noon class for the Summer effective immediately.

Christmas/Winter Break Schedule

CLOSED Friday (12/22/17)
PARTIALLY OPEN Saturday (12/23/17) – Open for:
  • All Private Lessons
  • 10 a.m. Super Mites Class
  • 10:30 a.m. Mighty Mites Class
  • 11:00 a.m. White Belt Juniors Class
  • 11:45 a.m. Super Mites Sparring Class
  • 12:15 p.m. Juniors Sparring Class
  • 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Adult GJJ Open Mat
CLOSED Monday (12/25/17)
CLOSED Monday (1/1/18)

All Karate classes are on for today, GJJ classes TBD…

Good morning!

Our Karate instructors live within walking distance of the studio, and will open on time this morning for all private lessons and classes.

Our Gracie Jiu-Jitsu instructors are still unable to drive due to poor road conditions, so their classes are not offered until further notice.

Thank you,


Joey Imperatori

Gracie Jiu-jitsu Summer Camps 2017

Gracie Jiu-jitsu Summer Camps



FINALLY!! We are now offering Gracie Jiu-jitsu at the Imperatori Summer Camps ages 5-12. These is the same incredibly fun, long standing camp, but with the addition of a dedicated instructor(s) on staff to teach two daily GJJ classes while the other kids take a karate class. We will cover the anti-bullying principles and techniques we are known for, complimented with a whole lot of fun. Here are the GJJ camp dates:

  • Summer Session 2: June 5 – June 9
  • Summer Session 5: June 26 – June 30
  • Summer Session 6: July 10 – July 14
  • Summer Session 7: July 17 – July 21

If you want to enroll in a jiu-jitsu camp but are already enrolled in a karate camp, no problem, just contact TL   If you have not yet enrolled, see TL or go to Imperatori Summer Camps web page and enroll and then call TL and let her know you are attending the Jiu-jitsu camp. Please know, when you look at the web page, you will see “karate” only, but we will be offering both activities during the camps, just contact TL to let us know.

Black Belt Success

These three new Black Belts gave all they had to give and more on their recent test for Black Belt – Ashley Buero, Jacob Starks and Dov Wallack. I am very impressed and very proud of these students and instructors. Congratulations! Great day!!

Photos credit: Tami Chappell

Christmas – NY Weeks 2016 – Karate – GJJ Schedule



GJJ – Christmas – NY Weeks (Kids and Adults):
Monday – Dec 19th CLOSED
Tues Dec 20 OPEN
Thurs Dec 22 OPEN Kids 4:45 Class is ALL Belt Levels
Saturday Dec 24th CLOSED
Monday Dec 26th CLOSED
Tues Dec 27 OPEN
Thurs Dec 29 OPEN Kids 4:45 Class is ALL Belt Levels
Sat Dec 31 NYE OPEN 
Mon Jan 2nd OPEN
Plenty of opportunities to get some fun, calorie burning training in during the holidays!

Imperatori Closed Labor Day Weekend 2016

Imperatori Martial Arts will be closed Saturday and Monday of Labor Day Weekend…

Please note that we will be closed Saturday, 9/3 and Monday, 9/5.

Our regular class schedule resumes Tuesday, 9/6.

Have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!

Imperatori Closed 4th of July Week

Imperatori Martial Arts will be closed the week of July 4th (July 4th  – July 10th).  We will reopen Monday, July 11th.  We are open Saturday, July 2nd, so come in and get some last minute training in!  Rest up and have a safe and fun holiday week!

Personal Safety and Self Defense Seminar –FREE!!



AMA & Gracie Jiu-jitsu at Imperatori presents…

FREE Self Defense & Personal Safety Tools
… and perhaps the most important seminar of your life
Already Been? Updated Material, stay current!

• 1 in 6 people will be the victim of a violent attack in their lifetime
• 1 in 6 women will be the victim of a sexual attack in their lifetime
• 1 in 10 college students will be the victim of a violent attack during college
• 95% of all violent struggles end up with one or both people on the ground
• 355 mass shootings in a 314 day period of 2015

With bullying and violence dominating the headlines, this experience will be focused on practical, workable tools for you to make part of your day-to-day routine. Learn the basics for increasing the odds of surviving an active shooter situation. The bottom line is prevention and survival — by defending and escaping, fighting only as a last resort.

Though there are no guarantees, Peggy and Steve believe in making prevention a priority and part of day-to-day routines, so as to be better equipped when faced with threatening situations. They have been teaching self-defense seminars since the early 90’s to community organizations and businesses, including Atlanta Children’s Hospital Group, Camp Sunshine, Coca Cola, Alston & Bird, Cox Enterprises, Peak Campus Management, AT&T, etc.

In this seminar Steve, Peggy and their team will lay out proven preventive safety strategies and statistics along with a demonstration and hands-on practice of simple, effective defenses and escapes against the most common attacks. The techniques are based on Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a form of martial arts that uses leverage techniques to neutralize a bigger person – exactly the kind of tools a smaller person needs. BTW, this Jiu-Jitsu-inspired approach has been embraced by multiple government agencies including the U.S. Air Force (for women), the U.S. Army, the Marines and municipal police departments.  Our goal though is to help you to recognize and steer clear of trouble before it starts.

Learn the basics of Empowerment and Survival including:
• The most likely attacks, defenses and escapes, including active shooters
• The most likely locations for attacks, based on current crime trends
• Personal preventative strategies and safety tips
• Leverage techniques to neutralize attackers of larger size, age difference or greater athletic ability
Space is limited-Please reserve your spot now!
• Wear comfortable athletic clothes. No experience required
• Age minimum is 12 years old

Date: Saturday, January 9th
Time: 2 pm-3:30
Where: Imperatori Martial Arts
FEE: NONE!…Invite a friend, family, co-worker

Contact: For info or reservations, ask for TL at Imperatori Martial Arts at 404-252-8200 or email at

Seminar provided by American Martial Arts LLC, your Self Defense Professionals since 1989


2015 Imperatori Studio/Class Holiday Schedule

It’s that time of year, with fun, family and time off hopefully are part of your plans.  We hope you will make training at Imperatori part of your schedule by closing out 2015 and starting off 2016 with the training you love.  Here is our 2015 holiday schedule:

December 21 (Mon) – 23 (Wed) OPEN

December 24 (Thurs) – 26 (Sun) CLOSED

December 27 (Mon) – 29 (Wed) OPEN

December 30 (Thurs) – January 1 (Fri) CLOSED

January 2 (Sat) OPEN

On the days we are open, the normally scheduled karate and jiu-jitsu classes will be available.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Imperatori Martial Arts!



GJJ at Imperatori has a new Blue Belt!

On Saturday, November 21st 2015, our own Mary Starks earned her Blue Belt, presented at Tiger Academy in Roswell.  Pictured is part of the Team Tiger Sandy Springs (GJJ at Imperatori) contingent that attended to cheer Mary on.  Thanks to Eddie Camden and his staff from Tiger who helped make this a great day!