Imperatori Family Martial Arts of Atlanta

GJJ Curriculum Week of July 28th

Gracie Combat Fundamentals:

Shrimp Escape from the side mount 24

Body Fold Takedown 14

Clinching, Striking, Takedowns (Master Cycle)

Pizone and defending the Thai Clinch

Gracie Ground and Master Cycle:

Submissions from the mount


GJJ Curriculum Week of July 21st

Gracie Combat Fundamentals:

Headlock Escape 2 from the side mount 22

Clinch Conservative 15

Clinching, Striking, Takedowns (Master Cycle)

Gracie Side Kick, Pizone and front clinch

Gracie Ground and Master Cycle:

Submissions from the mount

New Imperatori Web Site – Get Ready!

We are excited about our beautiful new web site.  Get all the latest news and happenings at your favorite family martial arts studio.  You can even leave a message on our site, let us know how you feel about the site, our studio, instructors…anything that’s on your mind.  Want a new program?…let us know.

Congrats to Avi Gray!

Imperatori’s Abraham Gray took first place in both Gi and No Gi Blue Belt divisions at the New Breed Jiu-jitsu tournament last week.  Here is the link to his Facebook page where the videos are posted.

AG 1st place pic

1st Place Gi Abraham!


GJJ Curriculum Week of July7th


Gracie Combat Fundamentals:

6:45 – 7:45

Straight Arm Bar from the Guard series

Clinch Aggressive

7:45 Striking and Takedown class – dealing with aggressive strikers


6:30 Submissions from the Mount (self defense versions)


12 Self Defense, including gun disarms


11:45 Submissions from the mount