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Weekly Gracie Jiu-jitsu Schedule (Fall)

Adults/Teens Effective 9/13/21

Kids Effective 9/13/21


Little TIgers
4-6 Years
No Class4:00-4:30 pmNo Class 4:00-4:30 pmNo Class10-10:30 am
Junior Grapplers
7-12 Years
No Class4:30-5:15 pm OR
5:15-6:00 pm
No Class4:30-5:15 pm OR
5:15-6:00 pm
No Class10:30-11:15 am
Black Belt/Invite Only --5:30-6 pm -- 5:30-6 pm -- --
Beginner Trial Class (schedule now!)6-6:30 pm10:45-11:15 am
Gracie Combat Fundamentals
(All Belt Levels)
6:30-7:30 pm6:30-7:30 pm --7:30-8:30 pm --11:15-12:15 p
Open Mat
(All Belt Levels, GJJ at IMA students or invited)
7:30-8:15 pm -- -- --12-1 pm --
Grappling 101*
(One stripe white belt and up)
-- -- --TBD
-- --
JIu-jitsu Mastery Class
(3 Stripe White Belts
or 90 classes)
7:30-8:15 pm --6:30-7:30 pm --12:15-1:15 p
Women Only (All Belt Levels)
Gracie Self Defense
-- --6:30-7:30 pm -- -- --



Gracie Combat Fundamentals: Required for all students of all levels, these classes are the foundation of jiu jitsu. Students will learn fundamental techniques to help you protect yourself successfully in the most common self-defense scenarios. Many of these techniques are the exact same ones taught to our military and law enforcement officers to help them survive a variety of hostile situations. The core concepts of technique, timing, and leverage are at the forefront of these classes. This means that our focus is on efficiency over size, strength, or athleticism.   

Grappling 101 & 102: After students receive their 1st stripe on their white belt, they are eligible to participate in Grappling 101 classes. In this class, students refine some of the Gracie Combat Fundamentals, learn the basics of jiu-jitsu vs jiu-jitsu “rolling” via drills and drill self-defense scenarios that they are likely to encounter. This allows students to start combining the techniques they have already learned with minimal resistance in order to build proper muscle memory.  Grappling 102 focuses more on intermediate and advanced techniques and drills for 3 stripe white belts and up.  This class covers gi, no gi and requires a mouthpiece and mma gloves (at least 5 oz).

Fight Simulation: This will be included in Jiu-jitsu Mastery classes, so always have your gear on hand.  Once students receive their 2nd stripe on their white belt, they are invited to participate in Fight Simulation classes. In this class, students learn proper striking techniques and strategies to facilitate their jiu jitsu goals in a fight scenario. They will also learn good defensive concepts to help minimize damage until they are able to use techniques to reverse the situation. This training focuses on controlled and safe striking within the context of realistic fight scenarios. This class requires 5.5 ounce boxing/MMA gloves and a mouth guard.  

Jiu-jitsu Mastery Class: Once students receive their 3rd stripe (i.e.,  90 classes or are invited) on their white belt, they are invited to participate in Master Cycle classes and required for Blue Belt and above. In this class, students learn more advanced techniques to enhance their jiu jitsu vocabulary to supplement Combat Fundamentals. Master Cycle is broken down into multi-month chapters focusing on all aspects of a specific position. This class includes resistance drilling and sparring (rolling), which is highly recommended to sharpen students’ skills versus a resistant opponent.  The general class format will be a 50/50% mix of technical/drills (rolling).

Gracie Women’s Self Defense: This all-women’s class focuses on crucial techniques and mindset training to help you safely and confidently navigate an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, and protect yourself before or during an attack. This class is available to any women who wish to join.  This class is taught by a Gracie University certified Pink Belt.

Open Mat:  For all Gracie Jiu-jitsu at Imperatori Students or by invitation

* MMA or Kickboxing Gloves required, mouthpiece suggested

** MMA Gloves/Mouthpiece required