Imperatori Family Martial Arts of Atlanta

GJJ Private Lessons

Private lessons
are a great way to accelerate your learning.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your training.  There are just so many benefits to focused instructor time.  We also offer you the flexibility of having 1-4 in your group.  Here are just a few areas that we can team up on:

  • Weapons Defense – (Guns, knives & clubs)
  • Prepare for an upcoming GJJ belt test
  • GJJ Self Defense – (Helio Gracie’s 23 classes)
  • MMA Training – (for the cage, self defense or for fun)
  • Self Defense Strategies – (Based on who YOU are)
  • Women’s Self Defense Strategies – (we take all the high risk scenarios and give you the tools for full empowerment)
  • GJJ Technical Improvement – (what do you need improvement on?)
  • Grappling Strategies – (we look at who you are and what you need to improve)
  • You want to learn GJJ, but travel and have limited time
  • …or, you just want to get better at GJJ

Learn from the best!


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