Imperatori Family Martial Arts of Atlanta


“Great family studio, very talented and caring instructors, excellent form of physical and mental exercise.” – Kerri Glattingimg-kids-mentor

“Imperatori has the highest caliber karate program in the city. The instructors are top notch.” – Ilene Patrick

“The best place for kids to learn sports, character and friendship!!! One big family of great coaches, people and kids.” – Grenader Family

“The Gracie Jiu-jitsu program at Imperatori is top notch, very professional” – Peggy Brown

“The instructors are awesome and it’s great way to keep your work-outs exciting. ” – Robert Ferretti

“You won’t find a more talented group of dedicated people.” – Peggy Wood

“Imperatori Martial Arts, is the best place to learn new skills and achieve progress.” – Gavin Bloomberg

“Where else do you get a great workout while learning practical self-defense. Although we roll to sharpen our GJJ skills, it’s all about the pragmatic application and not sport/points. Egos are checked at the door, so you don’t have to worry about getting injured—everyone has the same objective.” — Glenn O’Leary

“Our two boys have been taking classes at Imperatori for 3 and 4 years and have each had two birthday parties there.” – Rachel Wallack

“Imperatori rocks! Our whole family loves it! We highly recommend the school to anyone of any age! ” – Christie Family

“My daughter has attended Imperatori since she was 5; she is now nearly 12.” – Hartz Family

“I’ve been taking the kickboxing classes at Imperatori for over 2 years now. I love the classes for several reasons: They’re fun, always challenging,and every class is different. The instructor integrates bag work, resistance bands, weighs and a boot camp style of teaching to combat boredom and to make sure all of our muscles take notice! Often times, there are beginners as well as advanced participants. Somehow Joey makes sure all levels are being educated on technique while getting a fantastic workout! I’ll have to say, once you go, you’re hooked!:-)” – LN

“My son LOVES it!!!” – Reid Connor

“Imperatori Martial Arts is a wonderful experience for my entire family.” – McKibben Family

“They are kind, patient teachers with a lot of enthusiasm, while still providing a structured class environment.” – Julie Whitehead

“Jui Jitsu has not only taught me how to defend myself but, more importantly, it has taught me how to show restraint. It’s give me the confidence to know that, in a world filled with irrational and aggressive people that rarely listen to reason, if walking and talking softly doesn’t work, I’m carrying the big stick that is BJJ.” – Bobbie Dennis

“I have been doing Karate since I was 4, and I am 14 now. I still enjoy it, and it is by far the best Karate Studio!” – Daniel Cohen

“The school and the teachers set great role models, they give and receive respect from both parents and students and when the student advance” – Michael J. Cohen

“We love Imperatori Karate, from the mini Mite classes for our 3 year old, to the junior classes for our 7 and 9 year olds, to the adult classes.” – Casal Family

“Mr.Victor, Mr.Isaah and Ms.Miranda(plus Mr.Joey) are the greatest teacher in the world…they love me and i adore them.” – Nicholas Linadi

“Imperatori is the best in town! My children love it there and the staff are very friendly and very professional.” – Evelyn Chepkonga

“The Imperatori Martial Arts staff truly inspire children to be the very best that they can be.” – Kelly Willis

“Our 6 year old son has shown commitment and discipline in attending class and practice for the first time.” – Jincy Futrell

“Two years ago, our youngest daughter started at Imperatori at age 4.” – Lisa Aman

“My daughter Morgan has been attending classes at Imperatori for about two years. Because of the instructors at Imperatori she loves Karate.” – David Ratway

“Imperatori Martial Arts studio is very family and values oriented. They care about the “whole” student.” – Renee Manrique

“It has just been a wonderful experience for my 7 year old son. He loves it and looks forward to every lesson.” – Julia Chi

“I have been training at Imperatori Martial Arts for two years now. I have been very impressed with the staff and the community of people there.” – Austin Foster

“Joey Imperatori has been a powerful and positive influence in my son, Eliot’s, life for the past 10 years.” – Chuck Kaplan

“Our son Christopher recently received his black belt from the Joey Imperatori studio. It was a long haul but well worthwhile.” – David and Chris Mann

“I have been to many different martial arts schools over the years. Imperatori is the best school I know in the metro area.” – John Stivarius

“This is absolutely the best family oriented martial arts studio in Atlanta.” – Nettie Silva

“Imperatori Martial Arts has a long standing reputation of quality instruction, health and fitness, building self-esteem, and great fun for the fam.” – Robert Collins

“Joey, Terri Lynn and the gang have made us a part of their family and they, ours It is nice to have that extra love and support!” – Caroline Wood

“Our daughter has been at Imperatori Karate for the past 2 years and has really thrived.” – Scott Perrell

“The instructors are great role models and the kids love them. Summer Camp is the bomb!!!” – Jinny Keough

“Both of my children have been at Imperatori Karate for years, and they love it!” – Jason Hardy

“Sensai Joey and Senpai Victor are two outstanding teachers.” – Senpai Rudie Coppin

“Both my boys have been doing Imperatori Karate for years! Both are in the Black Belt Club.” – Eva Arkin, MD

“My boys have had the best time and are always excited about Karate because of Joey’s amazing instructors.” – Ginger Allen

“Friendly atmosphere with amazing teachers who always love to help your children gaining the utmost of their skills in karate while having fun.” – Marlina Rosmawangi/Nicholas Linadi

“I have been training BJJ for six plus years, one of the best physical activities I have every done, low impact, increase flexibility, and with smart training can be done well into your older years..The BJJ program very well structured, always engaging and fun. Finally, great stress release activity.” – Richard

Joey and his team are wonderful. It is a true family friendly atmosphere where everyone has a chance to succeed!” – Mitzi Rubin

I have been doing BJJ for about a year and as a 10 year old I really enjoy it. All of the instructors understand how kids are and really connect with them. It’s both a fun and learning experience for all kids.” – Adam

“I have been a student and teacher at Imperatori Martial Arts for 18 years. In all that time I have never been bored with a workout.” – Jean Jandel