Imperatori Family Martial Arts of Atlanta

Our Families

Why do we call our selves a “family martial arts studio”?  It’s simple, everything at our school is geared towards families including:

  • 41 students made it to Black Belt with the support of their families and our dedicated instructor staff
  • A history of more moms, dads and their kids…and their kids who have taken martial arts from our studio then we can count
  • A staff that knows who YOU are, who makes it their business to give you the best martial arts experience possible
  • We have an after school program, with transportation for your children to make it easier for you
  • We give you choices of programs based on what you and your kids want
  • We provide 60 plus classes a week, so you have many options for making your favorite classes
  • A fantastic training environment for your entire family

FAMILY CLASS! – Did you know you can train together as a family at Imperatori Martial Arts?  Every saturday from 1-1:45 come on in and get some self defense and a workout in.  Each class is a fun, high energy session and a combination of conditioning and self defense.  As long as you or one of the family is an active member of an Imperatori program, you are good to go. So, kids, adults come on in!